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The mentioned functions are as follows:

Automatic Verify Function: Confirms the exact match of copied data through automatic verification.

Verification Modes: Allows selection from three verification modes per job:

a. All file data + All file names/sizes.

b. Some file data + All file names/sizes.

c. All file names/sizes.

Copy Job Screen: Displays information about the copy job.

Simultaneous Copy to Maximum 4 Media: Enables simultaneous copying to up to 4 different destinations. It allows a combination of LTO tapes and HDDs.

Parallel Job Execution: Enables parallel execution of jobs by starting multiple GUIs. It supports parallel execution even with LTO tape devices.

Parallel Job Execution Screen: Displays information and status of parallel jobs.

LTO Replication Function: Allows duplication of an existing LTFS format tape to create an exact backup. It enables management of the original tape and the replicated one.

LTO Duplicate Job Edit Screen: Allows editing of LTO duplication job details.

Job History Management: Enables searching for job execution history and confirmation of detailed job results. It provides file consistency verification using MD hash values.

Job History Management Screen: Displays the executed job history and detailed results.

Copy/Verify Result Report: Generates a report with copy/verify results, including source/destination information, and error details.

LTFS Hardware Encryption: Option to utilize hardware encryption feature of LTO drives for high-speed transfer without slowing down. Decryption is possible without using Unitex's unique algorithm.

*The LTFS encryption option license of "UNITEX FASTapeLT for Windows" is required to use the LTFS encryption function.

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