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The UNITEX ArchiveLT software offers several features for high-speed data archiving and retrieval, as well as offline management functions. Here are the key features of the software:

High-speed archive & retrieval: UNITEX ArchiveLT utilizes a unique data transfer algorithm to enable high-speed archiving to various storage devices, including LTO drives, HDDs, SSDs, and Optical Disk Archive*.

*An optional license is required for Optical Disk Archive.

Offline management for archived data: Data archived with UNITEX ArchiveLT is registered in the management information, allowing for offline searching and easy access to the contents of archived data. It supports up to 15 metadata entries per archived data, facilitating efficient organization and metadata-based searches.

*Metadata input in English, Thai, and Vietnamese languages is available.

Reliable job history management: The software automatically stores job execution results, including processing time, input/output information, job data, hash values (MD5/SHA-1), and performance information. This facilitates tracking and auditing of important data assets.

*Job history can be exported as a report file.

Consistency check for archived data: UNITEX ArchiveLT registers the hash value of each file in the management information during archiving. The consistency check function ensures the integrity of archived data by recalculating hash values and comparing them with the stored values.

Import media management information from other software: The software allows for the addition of media information created by UNITEX FASTapeLT or other software, enabling centralized management of media information and seamless integration with existing workflows.

Automatic archiving schedule function (Standard function in standard edition): Users can schedule and automate data archiving based on specific time intervals or days, simplifying periodic data backups and repetitive archiving tasks.

*An optional license is required to use the scheduling function.

Watch folder function (Standard function in standard edition): This feature enables the automatic archiving of folders based on capacity thresholds, file count limits, or specific file names. It is particularly useful for managing growing data, such as surveillance camera footage, and helps optimize disk space usage.

*An optional license is required to use the watch folder function.

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