ARECA Dual Thunderbolt2 SAS expansion2x 6Gb/s SAS Host ports (SFF-8088)



Dual Thunderbolt2 SAS 6Gbit expansion.

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ARC-4320T2 (Thunderbolt 2 to 6Gb/s SAS Host Adapter)

The ARC-4320T2 SAS expansion adapter is a PCIe 2.0 x8 lanes 6Gb/s SAS bus low profile host adapter inside. The adapters bring the fastest available connections to SAS/SATA storage on any computer, and workstation with Thunderbolt 2 interface. ARC-4320T2 is equipped with dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for connecting to any Thunderbolt 2-enabled host such as the new Mac Pro, and offers an additional Thunderbolt 2 port for daisy-chaining other peripherals. ARC-4320T2 expansion adapter provide a blazing-fast storage connectivity solution with enhanced reliability and performance to support any application and tiered storage solution.

ARC-4320T2 6Gb/s expansion adapter is ideal for large capacity external storage RAID and no-RAID enclosure. ARC-4320T2 6Gb/s SAS expansion adapter is able to connect to SATA and SAS hard disk drives, allowing for tiered storage that optimizes costs and performance. SAS drives are optimal when speed and reliability are of the utmost concern while SATA drives are appropriate when capacity and cost are more important. System integrators can use the ARC-4320T2 to meet different storage infrastructure applications that support both SAS and SATA devices. API library for customer combines the ARC-4320T2 function code to its monitor utility. Device drivers are also supported for the major operating systems for compatibility with a full range of SAS peripherals including hard disk drives (HDDs), tape drives, tape autoloaders, solid state drives (SSDs) and removable media (DAS/JBOD).

Peso (KG) 2.000000
Anchura (CM) 15.000000
Altura (CM) 25.000000
Longitud (CM) 20.000000

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